• How CBD Can Enhance Your Fitness Regime

    How CBD Can Enhance Your Fitness Regime

    17th October 2019

    CBD is quickly becoming a favourite among professional athletes who want to recover from muscle strain and injury naturally. But this promising natural alternative is not just for the pros and may be able to support your fitness routine and…

  • Improve your triathlon swim

    Improve your triathlon swim

    15th October 2019

    Many triathletes struggle with the swim, the first part of their multi-discipline event. Lucy Fry looks at common aches and pains suffered by triathletes, and how to overcome them Most triathletes say that swimming is their least favourite of the…

  • Run further without injury

    Run further without injury

    15th October 2019

    Extra mileage can often lead to injury. Matt Phillips explains how to up your miles without suffering the injury blues For most recreational runners, being able to run further is nearly always at the heart of your goals. But sometimes,…

  • Get better at hill running

    Get better at hill running

    11th October 2019

    Adding hills to a running session can bring a whole new meaning to the word exhaustion. Why is it that hills cause some runners to get injured and others not? Matt Phillips investigates For some runners, hill running is a…

  • Oman by UTMB® – A unique challenge that just got bigger

    Oman by UTMB® – A unique challenge that just got bigger

    27th September 2019

    Oman by UTMB® is a runner’s dream… An ultra-trail along mountain top ridges, through ancient villages, palm plantations, deep wadis and scenic gorges. The journey leads runners off the tourist tracks, allowing them to explore the Sultanate’s hidden gems located…

  • How to avoid injury

    How to avoid injury

    17th September 2019

    To help you train safely, healthy food retailer Muscle Food has compiled a guide on six of the most common injuries and how to avoid them. It’s no doubt that, alongside a healthy diet, physical exercise is the key to a…

  • 10 Fitness myths

    10 Fitness myths

    17th September 2019

    Harmful gym myths could be holding you back, says Mark Bailey To help fight fiction with fact, we detonate ten gym myths with the help of personal trainer Scott Laidler (, whose authentic advice has transformed the physiques of Oscar-winning…

  • The Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon and a frenzied forecast focus

    The Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon and a frenzied forecast focus

    9th September 2019

    I have a new obsession. It’s not running, swimming or cycling – it’s not even strength and conditioning. It is frequently and feverishly checking the weather forecast. The Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon is just five days away and, as autumnal…

  • Injury prevention plan

    Injury prevention plan

    14th August 2019

    Running rehab specialist Matt Phillips reveals how to spot the signs of overtraining Whether you are a runner, cyclist or triathlete, overtraining can actually have an adverse effect on your wellbeing and increase the risk of injury. It’s great to…

  • 10 minutes with Olympian Jo Pavey

    10 minutes with Olympian Jo Pavey

    30th July 2019

    Crowned European 10,000m Champion less than 10 months after having her second child at the age of 40, Olympian Jo Pavey has learned that being adaptable and flexible has given her the edge – and now she’s setting the bar…