Whether its a nerve-shredding or just a creepy location, Formby Cycles has put together its top ten scariest cycling routes

Glentress Forest: Scotland


Glentress offers a number of routes for beginners or experienced mountain bikers alike but few places get the heart-rate up quicker than the scariest ‘Red Route,’ which cuts through the aptly named, ‘Spooky Woods.’

This 18km route features challenging climbs, jumps, hairpin turns, rocks, roots and berms all wrapped up in an eerie mist that settles over ragged branches, suspicious leaf-mounds and shrieking birds.

scary ride 1


Lee and Cragg Quarry: Lancashire


This quarry is described as a “playground for mountain bikers“, but it’s also described by those who’ve taken it on as the Adrenaline Gateway.

Packed turns designed to drive momentum and propel you down the track at speed, this route set in an old, disused quarry in the wild moors of the West Pennines can be treacherous in wintry conditions and is quite simply, creepy.scary ride 2


Revolution Bike Park: Wales


Like a challenge? You’ll get it at Revolution.

Home to some of the steepest, fastest, most technical trails available, these routes through Welsh woodland push your riding abilities and your senses to their limits, especially if you’re brave enough to take them on after dark.

scary ride 3

Nan Bield Pass: Lake District


Mother Nature is a thing of beauty but make no mistake, get your timing, speed or turns wrong here and she will mess you up.

This natural trail in the Lake District stretches for more than 30km across rocky, unstable terrain that can be suddenly lost to dense fog or change beneath your wheels in wet or icy weather, in an instant.

You need to be experienced and fit enough to handle the ride and the adrenalin.scary ride 4

Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon: Wales


If you’re brave enough to take on the Nan Bield Pass then you may be ready for Snowdon. This natural trail features everything you may expect: rocky outcrops, unstable surfaces, hidden obstacles and generally unpredictable descents for around 24km. You’re likely to need to hike up some of the route so only carry the stuff you really need: water, GPS and a small first-aid kit…scary ride 5


A4076, Steynton to Johnston: Pembrokeshire


Some bike rides are terrifying because you need to max out your physical and mental focus on getting down them safely, but this easy trip down the A4076 between Steynton and Johnston has its own unique frights in store.

Numerous people have reported sightings of a woman who appears to step into the path of oncoming road users to terrify the wits out of them before vanishing from sight.

Known locally as the ‘Ghost Road’ this is one for thrill-seekers to take on, at night, alone.scary ride 6


Gnossall Old Train Line: Stafford


Like the A4076, this too is an easy ride but sailing over sections of disused railway, past creaking, abandoned farm buildings and under foreboding bridges, in the dark, with a variety of unfamiliar sounds and shadows playing tricks on you makes this a truly scary ride.

scary ride 7


Snake Pass: Manchester to Sheffield


This is a popular route with cyclists and has been used for sections of the Tour of Britain but anyone who’s taken it on will tell you it’s not for the fainthearted.

As its name suggests, this road snakes over the Pennines offering sections of open, misty moorland at its peak, an eerily quiet reservoir in the basin and plenty of tree cover and blind curves throughout.scary ride 8


The Devil’s Staircase: Glencoe Pass, Scotland


This is one of many routes around Glencoe but is one of the scariest.

If hurtling down almost 5 miles of isolated and exposed rocky, slippery trails alongside sharp drops destined to send you to a hospital aren’t frightening enough, Glencoe is also home and breeding ground to adders, the only poisonous snakes in Britain.

scary ride 9


Gisburn Forest: Lancashire


Although the mountain bike trails through Gisburn Forest are suitable for novice and experienced riders, it’s impossible to complete any of them without feeling like you’ve cycled into Blair Witch territory.

Featuring plenty of root, rock and branch obstacles down tight tracks laid out with blind curves and berms designed to propel you at speed beside sheer drops and dense, creepy woodland, the Gisburn Forest is not a place where you want to get lost.

scary ride 10

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