swim 3

If you’re thinking about learning to swim or making a return to the pool then that’s a fantastic idea! The team at www.zoggs.com share their top 16 reasons why you should just go for it and start swimming

  1. Everyone can do it. Water supports your body and makes swimming a low-impact sport so regardless of your age, mobility, gender, weight or body shape, if you want to learn to swim, you can.
  2. It gives you physical freedom. There are very few other activities you can do that give you the opportunity to feel so physically free. When you swim, you can enjoy the unique feelings of weightlessness water gives you in which to flex, flip, kick, stretch, twist, float and move your body comfortably.
  3. It’s low cost. Unlike a lot of other sports you don’t need fancy footwear or accessories and there are no bits of complicated machinery or equipment to get to grips with. All you need to get started is some quality swimwear and possibly a swim cap as well as comfortable swimming goggles – once you’ve got them, if you choose to swim outdoors it’s totally free!
  4. You’re in complete control. Whether you want to relax or take on a physical challenge, heading to the pool gives newbies and seasoned swimmers alike the opportunity to set the pace and enjoy a focussed swim, a fun splash or a relaxing bob about.
  5. There’s something for everyone. Swimming is about much more than going up and down in straight lines. There are plenty of fun alternatives such as aqua aerobics classes and watersports like polo or octopush to try.
  6. You can improve. No matter how strong or competent you are at swimming, you can always improve your stroke technique or physical strength with training aids like pull-buoys and kickboards.
  7. It relieves stress. Being immersed in water is good for the soul and as you swim, your body releases endorphins for a natural, post-workout high.
  8. It burns more calories than running. Swimming is an excellent form of cardio exercise that gets the blood pumping and gives your whole body a workout so you can stay in shape and control your weight without even breaking a sweat.
  9. It’s safe during pregnancy. Swimming is a gentle exercise that’s safe throughout pregnancy. Aside from taking the weight of your lovely bump for a while, it can make your labour and getting back into shape once the little one arrives much easier.
  10. It’s fun! The swimming pool makes a great alternative to cafes or parks for you to just hang out, chat, play games or learn to swim with family and friends.
  11. It helps to develop positive body confidence. Swimming regularly will develop your physical strength and flexibility and every time you hit the pool, you’ll be reminded what your body can do and how amazing it is.
  12. Swimming gives you water confidence. Once you’ve learned to swim, you’ll have the confidence to try a whole host of new water-based adventures such as surfing, scuba diving or wild-swimming.
  13. You can swim at any time of year. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or dark, swimming pools across the UK are open for you to swim early in the morning or late at night in any weather.
  14. You’ll make friends! Those who swim regularly, naturally become part of a friendly community of people from all walks of life who share a love of being in the water. That love is contagious and pretty soon you’ll be encouraging everyone you know to start swimming too!
  15. It can save your life. Swimming is an essential life skill that could save your life or empower you to save the life of someone else.
  16. There is actually nothing, NOTHING, stopping you from starting to swim in 2016.