With the day’s drawing in and the cold and wet weather banging at our doors, running can seem less and less appealing. We’re not a nation of fine-weather runners, but we do know that winter presents new hazards to even the seasoned competitor. To help ensure you stay fit and on your feet this winter, Simply Feet have provided us these tips.

  1. Layer Up winter run 2

You get hot running. Some people even prefer running in the winter months as a way to stay cool. But remember that there’s a difference between cool and cold, and cold muscles are prone to injury. First of all, make sure as much skin is covered as possible. This can include a balaclava but avoid covering your mouth, as condensation from your breath can result in a cold wet face.

Next add layers were they are most needed and least likely to restrict movement. Running tights with shorts and Falke running socks will help keep your leg temperature constant and will protect you from the wind. Team up a running skin with running T-shirt and zipper top. That way you can vent if necessary. Think about doubling up on a hat and investing in good underwear to stop the frigid air making it through to any delicate areas.

  1. Warm Up

Most runners warm up on the go, but in the winter months this might be easier said than done. If you have stairs in your home or building, try a few reps to get the blood going. By getting the heart working efficiently before you step outside, you’ll be in much better shape to complete your run. There are also gels that can help prevents injury due to inadequate warm-ups and precedes muscle warm-ups.

  1. Change Your Route

Running in winter, especially on winter evenings, can be hazardous in more ways than one. There’s the dark to consider, but also the possibility of slippery surfaces. If possible, avoid country roads without pavements or make sure you’re wearing good high-visibility clothing. Take a detour past that slope or those steps and go the other way around.

  1. Embrace the New

Some runners love running in the snow. It’s true that new terrain can be great for challenging the brain and the muscles. The sights and sounds of running on fresh snow or over frosted puddles can really add a new element of delight to your run. However, once the flakes fall on already packed snow, look for gritted roads. Unseen hazards in deep snow can include everything from rocks to deadly patches of ice.

  1. Ensure Your Safety

Winter is a good time to charge your phone and leave the earpiece at home. Remember to be vigilant, and if you’re not feeling it, know when to call it a day

  1. Eat Well

Recognise that whether you’re running or not, the winter months require you to pay extra attention to your nutrition. Eat your greens to stay healthy, and avoid quick fixes like caffeine and sugary energy bars.

  1. Hit the Gym

And remember that when it gets really cold and really wet, there’s always the gym. It might not be the same, but it’ll keep you fit, and we hear that real runners go there too sometimes!

Don’t let the cold beat you from running outside this winter, just be smart about it.

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