Tyre pressure

Improve your performance by finding the optimum tyre pressure for your bike.

1. For best performance, a tyre needs to run at optimum pressure levels, dependant on the road surface, conditions and rider weight. Reducing pressure means less power is needed to produce the same speed on rough roads as the trye can deform and absorb road shock more efficiently.

2. The wider tyre is also taller off the rim, giving more suspension and therefore greater comfort to the rider, especially important for long sportive riding.

3. A wider tyre gives the sensation of increased sturdiness, delivering a greater feeling of stability, and minimising the risk of impact punctures.

4. A wider tyre has more contact area with the road to improve traction perormance. What’s more, it’s in all the right places (in the shoulder area as well as the centre), whereas a narrower tyre has a longer, thinner contact area, meaning less shoulder grip.

Words: Shelley Childs