So here we are, our training programme.When we first decided to do this challenge, we were both already fairly fit. We went to the gym 4 or 5 times a week making sure to get an even balance between cardio and resistance training. UK to kathmandu training 2

It was a fairly standard workout, two muscle groups if we were training with weights or a 20-30 minute run if not. The problem with this though, was the lack of variety. We have absolutely no idea how this walk will effect our bodies and so we had to change our routine to incorporate as much variety as possible, in the hope that it will better prepare us for what is to come.

As a consequence our weekly routine has now increased to include 10 – 12 sessions and a variety of weights, cardio (distance and sprints) and calisthenics.

For us, the most interesting aspect of our new workout is the calisthenics. For those not indoctrinated in the world of calisthenics it is essentially working out with, primarily, just your body weight. The beauty of this type of working out is it is often high intensity, providing you with a cardio work out at the same time.

We like efficiency! For an example, we will often start a chest work out on the bench press; following a warm up we will do 4 x 10 reps on a medium to hard weight. We will then move onto an incline press and do the same. At this point we will put ‘Flower’ by Moby onto the sound system and progress to the calisthenics element of the work out.

The essential words of this particular song are ‘bring Sally up and bring Sally down’ repeated around 40 times throughout the 3 and a half minute song. We will do press ups in time with the words; as we hear ‘bring Sally up’ we raise ourselves up, as we hear ‘bring Sally down’ we lower ourselves and hold… and you hold without touching the floor until you hear ‘bring Sally up’ again.

Try it. You will understand the horror of it very shortly!

After failing miserably at this challenge we then do 4 sets of incline press ups using three different levels of incline and 4 sets of dips.

That is a chest day and we have similar work outs for other parts of the body. If you would like advice on what you can be doing please feel free to email us, details below. Our cardio is now a mix of sprints and longer distance runs, rows and cycles. The bleep test is a great tool for building stamina, a series of increasingly faster sprints between two fixed points – apps are available. On top of this Sam is partaking in a charity boxing fight, for those who have never tried it box fit is an incredible way to build up your stamina. He will also act as my security detail should things get ‘intense’!

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