If you want to scale obstacles as if they were not there when you take on your next obstacle course then you’ll need good upper body strength…

Rope climb the Marines' way

Rope climbing is a great way to develop this strength and to gain confidence with heights – not that you’ll be climbing to 30-feet, the height required for Royal Marine Commando training (that’s unless the organisers of the Tough Guy or Tough Mudder, for example are reading this!). Marines have to make that 30-foot climb carrying 31lbs of kit, in combat boots and whatever the weather!

Here’s how to rope climb the Marines’ way:

1. Start with your arms fully extended and hands gripping the rope.

2. Jump and pull, to get your knees up to your hands; this will result in you leaning back from the rope, with head back.

3. Grip the rope between your knees and your feet. Your lower legs are crossed – the rope should dissect the front shin and the rear calf of front and rear legs respectively, and its squeezed between the feet.

4. Really gripping through your legs and feet you should achieve an “L” shape as you extend your legs to parallel to the ground. The rope will now be firm between the insides of your knees.

5. With legs locked, reach as high as possible with your arms and re-grip the rope.

6. Let go of the rope with your legs and repeat (remembering to throw your head back and re-grip the rope with your legs as you get the knees close to your hands).