A new trend in sports therapy is sweeping the nation! Biokinetics began as a huge helping hand with South African rugby teams and is now available for the first time ever in the UK. Kate Hayes from the prestigious Ultra Sports Clinic in London is now accepting new clients, don’t miss out on this incredibly exclusive rehabilitation for all sports fanatics.

Do you have a sports-related injury or problem?

Ultra Sports ClinicAiding athletes in exercise rehabilitation for injuries, sports specific injuries and pre and post operative rehabilitation, biokineticist to the stars, Kate Hayes focuses on ensuring that the individuals posture is correct, muscle firing is correct, bringing patients back to full functionality and a pain free life.

So what is the difference between a physio therapist and a biokineticist?

“A Biokineticist will give specific exercises to the patient that will focus on dealing with why the individual has pain” says Kate, “we aim to get the body back to full function with no pain. We are concerned with the rehabilitation of the injury, we use exercise to balance muscle strengths and weaknesses.”

Seeing a new trend in the UK for treating sports-related injuries, Kate has also treated superstar athletes including a South African Rugby Team and various triathlon winners, so it’s safe to say clients are most definitely in good hands! Being one of the very few biokineticists in London, Kate’s services are unique in exercise rehabilitation.

“I use exercise as my form of medicine to help individuals achieve full quality of life” says Kate, “I look at movement patterns, muscles activations and Biomechanics to solve the current pain or limitations that an individual may be experiencing.”

The Ultra Sports Clinic practice focuses on helping individuals who suffer from joint pain, sports injuries, chronic medical conditions, cardiac conditions and post operative rehabilitation. Using exercise as a rehabilitation form to improve ones quality of life and bring them back to full function.

Her advice to wannabe atheletes?

“Stop comparing yourself to other and achieve your OWN goals and dreams.”