Sportsmen looking to build muscle should focus on the intensity of their training rather than the volume, according to new research.

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Scientists at the University of Central Florida tracked two groups of athletes over an eight-week period; the first group conducted high volume exercises, doing 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions of weights representing 70% of their maximum lift, with 1 minute’s rest between each set.

The second group worked at high intensity, doing 4 sets of just 3-5 repetitions at 90% of their maximum, with 3 minutes’ rest between each set.

At the end of the test period, greater improvements across a variety of measures were recorded for the high intensity group, especially for lean arm mass and maximum bench press.

“The results of this study indicate that a high-intensity, low volume resistance training program utilising a long rest interval (3 minutes) is more advantageous than a moderate intensity, high-volume (10–12 rep) program utilising a short rest interval (1 minute) for stimulating upper body strength gains,” concluded the researchers in the journal Physiological Reports.

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