Keeping fit outdoors is something we all love. However, our bodies may have other ideas, as joint deterioration can be evident as early as our third decade

When we talk of deterioration, we generally refer to degradation of the bony surfaces that make up our body’s key joints – the knee, hip and ankle being the more typically affected. Joint deterioration is often known as osteoarthritis, which is an inflammatory disorder of the bone. Once this “disease” starts there is little to abate it and the only fix on offer is surgery to remove the damaged bone, replacing it with a metal or porcelain equivalent.

So how do we keep this and other degeneration issues at bay and continue to enjoy the delights of the great outdoors long into our seventh, eighth and ninth decades of life? Well, the work starts now, regardless of age or current joint issues. Get on your bike (real or metaphorical) and strengthen muscles whilst having fun and enjoying yourself. Work on your fitness and, if required, shed a couple of pounds – your joints will be forever grateful.

To keep good alignment, work on your core strength, do Pilates or yoga classes, they offer fantastic benefits for joint health and good posture. Here are more specific tips:

Look at your knees

Take a really good look, search for any imperfection, be it some enlargement or a small irregularity. You can check your standing position in a mirror to see if your ankle and hip lie directly in line with each other and the knee. What you are looking for is change; the change may well be the signs of wear and tear that often come before pain.

Try small shallow squats

To help your knees squat but when doing so ensure you keep yours knee directly over your middle toes. Practice slowly bending your knees like this in front of a mirror several times every day, you will soon improve your biomechanics by strengthening the muscles used to maintain good alignment.

Consider Nutrition Carefully

In addition to diet, a good supplement can help take care of your joint health. As we age, we lose vital components such as the lubricating hyaluronic acid within the joint. Supplements on the market offer this, but be sure to find a quality one.

If you do experience continued joint pain then consult a physiotherapist or joint professional.

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