The King of the Mountains, Kilian Jornet, gives his advice to those starting out running and to those looking to take things up a notch

A training tip for a new runner… “Don’t follow a plan for a professional. The most important principals of training are one: individual training, every person is different, has different needs, different recovery. And two: to be consistent, it’s better to train for one-hour every day than eight hours at the weekend and nothing during the week. Thirdly: to keep the passion, don’t be obsessed about training, racing and performance. We practice the sport because we love it. If we lose that, we have lost everything.”

A training tip for a mid-pack runner… “If you don’t have time to train, it’s better to work on your ‘invisible training’. By that I mean sleep better, stretch more, eat better, take care of yourself, and train better when you do. You don’t want to do too much and feel tired at work and in your running.”

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A training tip for a runner who wants to get on the podium… “At a certain level you need to make some decisions. If you want to perform better you may need to give it more time. You maybe need to take time from work, from relationships, from your social life. Life is always a choice.”

Kilian on nutrition… “I’m not strict with nutrition. I like chocolate, patisserie… But I don’t eat much meat and I try to eat as much organic food or from the garden as possible. I always say, the more you train, the more you can eat.”