• #runandtalk for World Mental Health Day

    #runandtalk for World Mental Health Day

    23rd September 2016

    To mark World Mental Health Day England Athletics are encouraging people to run and talk, breaking down stigma and improve their own mental wellbeing through running

  • 15 Dream Trail Runs

    15 Dream Trail Runs

    21st September 2016

    Discovering a secret stretch of singletrack wending through woods, crossing cliffs or tracing a ridgeline to a peak is a rare joy that puts a spring in every off-road runners’ stride

  • 10 ways to Max your Tri Training

    10 ways to Max your Tri Training

    14th April 2016

    British triathlete Vicky Holland reveals her top 10 tips for eking out the maximum gains in the minimum time, so work, weather and fading daylight hours never hamper your fight for fitness With three disciplines to juggle, even professional triathletes soon discover that…

  • Steve Edwards: The man who cant stop running

    Steve Edwards: The man who cant stop running

    31st March 2016

    Multi-marathon man Steve Edwards, 52, has run 700 plus marathons in under three hours and 17 minutes – one of several of his world records. Steve reveals why, how he trains and how marathons have become a way of life Steve’s 700th marathon was…

  • Stumbling on faster running

    Stumbling on faster running

    31st March 2016

    According to new research we may all be running incorrectly Running is often described as a series of jumps. When our foot strikes the ground we naturally – and partly as a result of gravity and our biomechanics – want to displace most of…

  • Top tips on how to boost endurance

    Top tips on how to boost endurance

    19th February 2016

    Dave Burke, Park Manager for British Military Fitness, advises you on how to improve your endurance. Photos British Military Fitness With the popularity of events such as the Marathon des Sables and the Ironman soaring, it’s go hard or go…