Don’t give up yet – The team at Zoggs have provided six top tips for sticking to New Year’s swimming resolutions

1. Be Realistic

Why are you making a swimming resolution? What do you want to achieve?

Getting fitter is a popular reason for many swimmers to hit the pool but if you’re going to stick to a resolution it helps if your goals are measurable and achievable.  If boosting fitness levels is your goal then set a challenging yet reasonable distance or duration that you want to be able to comfortably swim and work towards achieving it. Once you have, don’t stop there – start a new resolution!

2. Make a Plan

Whether you want to improve your health, master a new stroke or overcome a fear of water, your swimming resolution will be easier to achieve if you set out a plan and take steps to make it happen.

Contact your local pool to find out about their swimming sessions or classes. Choose a time that suits your lifestyle and once you’ve found it, don’t give it up for anything! Your friends and family will forgive you for missing the odd social occasion.

Make sure you have all the swimwear or accessories you need to feel comfortable and confident in the water; pack your bag the night before your planned swim so that on the day, nothing stands between you and your goals.

Open water swimming

3. Tell Someone

Confide in someone that you’re setting a swimming resolution. As you progress, it’s great to have a friend that you can boast a little to and it can also be helpful to have someone ask you how things are going and encourage you to stick at it.

Better yet, invite a friend to join you! It’s even harder to quit a resolution if it’s shared with someone else.

4. Manage Your Expectations

Don’t be disheartened or frustrated if you don’t see dramatic results instantly. Accept before you begin that there will be days when it’s really hard to find your motivation and stick to your swimming resolution but those difficult days are part of the experience and they will pass.

Rest assured that even if you can’t see the results yet, every swim you complete is improving your strength, ability and confidence.

5. Reward Yourself

Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your swimming goal, set small milestone targets on your way to getting there and reward yourself at each stage; reading this article is a great start!

Once you’ve set some swimming goals and made a plan, you could reward yourself with a brand new swimsuit. After your first swim, you could treat yourself to a good bag for keeping your kit in and after swimming every week for a month, you could congratulate yourself with pool membership.

Rewards are about acknowledging your efforts and your resilience for sticking at it so treat yourself to whatever helps you progress towards achieving your swimming goals.

6. Have Fun with it!

Embrace the challenge and enjoy it! Making a swimming resolution shows that you have a zest for life and the courage to go out and achieve your goals so be proud of yourself.

It’s important to remember that this challenge is yours so own it. If working towards a particular goal becomes a chore you are free to change it.

If you want to be able to complete a 5km swim but find lane lengths dull, mix it up by doing a fun swimming class instead. If swimming three times a week becomes unmanageable, swim twice a week for a little longer.