Next June, Jack Sedgwick will be cycling across the Alps in a multi-day sportive, which is going to demand serious training. Trouble is, he needs to fit it in around a busy job and a baby son.

Training diary: multi-day sportive ride

Jack Sedgwick, 31 – London-based sound engineer Jack is following a training programme created by coach Dan Bennett,

Typical, I’ve just been granted a place in the ride across the Alps next summer, yet for the past three weeks I haven’t managed to get on the bike. A combination of illness plus work going bonkers in the run up to Christmas has made it very difficult to find the time to train.

I feel guilty when I don’t train, but if there’s a choice between going to the gym for a session on the Wattbike or going home to see my 10-month old son Finlay there’s no contest.

My wife has just returned to work and we’re trying to share the childcare, so we’re taking it in turns in the evenings to go out. I’m also thinking of commuting on the bike to see if I can squeeze a 30-minute session in Regent’s Park before getting to work or getting home.

I do have a turbo trainer that used to be in our spare room, but that’s Finlay’s room now. I’m going to see if I can set it up in the back garden because I won’t need a big fan to keep me cool over winter, and the steady whirr might lull Finlay to sleep.

I’m also going to speak to my coach Dan to see if I can build running into my training. It would be much easier to find 30 minutes to head out the door and run, than the couple of hours a Wattbike session seems to take in the gym, by the time I’ve driven there, changed, then showered afterwards and driven home.

I have managed one decent training ride at least when I rode to Hastings to see a friend of mine. We packed up the car the night before; I figured out it would take me about four hours, and so I made sure I set off in time to get there as my wife arrived. She only beat me by 10 minutes, so it was a pretty successful plan.