Zwift has  announced the release of its newest training feature, a substantial collection of flexible training plans for both running and cycling that allow Zwifters to train and improve while balancing the needs of a busy life.

Zwift Training Plans, like Group Workouts, are designed by leading professional coaches and athletes. Training Plans are focused on helping Zwift users achieve specific goals, such as running a first marathon or completing the Prudential RideLondon 100. Plans vary in duration and intensity based on the training goal and a Zwifter’s available time and completed both on Zwift and out on the road.

Zwift’s new flexible Training Plans adapt according to your schedule, so you can complete workouts that suit the time you have available, and the plan will adapt accordingly. Plans will give Zwifters windows in which they need to complete a specific workout session within each weekly block. To avoid, the negative impact of overtraining, if a session isn’t completed within the set window, it will simply becomes unavailable. The plan will then rework the rest of the week to ensure you are able to get the most from the remaining sessions.

From launch, Training Plans will integrate seamlessly with Zwift Companion App (ZCA). Zwifters will be able to keep on top of progress as ZCA will notify when new workouts have been unlocked and available to complete. When in Workout Mode, ZCA transforms into a fantastic training aid, allowing control over EG mode, adjusting FTP bias and showing upcoming interval block. The app also clearly displays key metrics such as current power (measured in watts), heart rate and cadence, making it easier to stay on target and focus your effort.

“We’re thrilled to roll out the next phase in flexible online training with our new Training Plans,” said Eric Min, Zwift co-founder and CEO. “These plans are expertly developed, to allow you to reach your goals while remaining flexible enough to adapt to real world time constraints. Sometimes life simply does get in the way! Like all Zwift experiences, our Training Plans are designed to bring more enjoyment to your training.”

Flexible Training Plans are open to all Zwift cyclists and runners. Zwifters can find flexible Training Plans in the Workouts section of the game prior to beginning their Zwift session.

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