Planning to move into ultramarathon territory? Here’s the perfect training plan to take you there…

This training plan assumes you’ve recently run a marathon, so the initial couple of weeks are aimed at helping you recover from it. If you haven’t run a marathon, or trained to a similar level that the first couple of weeks demand, repeat the first two weeks to get a gentler build-up and avoid injury. Equally, if you feel you need longer to recover from your marathon, repeat week two, for a three-week recovery period.

The plan is aimed at getting you ready to run your first, circa 50km ultra, 10 weeks after your marathon. If your ultra is further away, repeat weeks four and five, for a 12-week plan, or weeks four to seven, for a 16-week plan. Add 15 minutes onto each long run the second time around.

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If you struggle to fit in what the plan suggests, or feel it’s too much, reduce the volume by taking out a recovery or easy run. Research the terrain and course of your ultra. The more specific your training, the better. If you are doing a hilly trail race, for example, don’t do all your training on flat roads.

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