Coleman has created an innovative way of preserving a torch’s battery life.

Its new BatteryLock technology is quite simple really, a quick twist and the battery is disconnected, therefore removing the risk of battery drain, corrosion and acid leak. It also eliminates the chances of the torch turning on by accident while it’s in your bag or pocket.

This tech has been rolled out across Coleman’s range of lanterns head and handheld torches. We tested it out in the Coleman BatteryLock Divide+ 200.

It’s a great little LED pocket torch that packs a 200-lumen punch capable of reaching a good distance – on test it could clearly illuminate objects up to 50 metres away. There are two settings, high and low, which can be switched between by the rubber button on the back end of the torch handle.

On its high setting the battery life is two hours, whereas on the low setting it can go for an impressive 35 hours. And thanks to the energy saving from the BatteryLoch mechanism you can be sure that you’ll be able to get the maximum potential from the three AAA batteries the torch runs off, even when using it intermittently over the course of a year.

The casing for the torch is a tough aluminium that gives the torch a balanced weight of 154g and it’s IPX4 water resistant as well.

There are also 700, 350 and 300-lumen versions of the Coleman Divide+. The 700 supposedly has a massive reach of up to 330 metres.

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Price: £24.99