Five months since Ross Edgley started his Great British Swim on June 1 in Margate, the finish line is in sight and the athlete adventurer is less than two weeks away from becoming the first man in history to swim around mainland Great Britain.

The historic 2,000 mile swim, which has pushed Ross to the limits of what’s humanly capable, is expected to end at Margate Harbour on the morning of Sunday November 4, 2019.

To mark the special occasion, in partnership with the Outdoor Swimming Society, more than 300 swimmers will swim alongside Ross for the final stretch of this incredible journey. This will be a one-mile swim in total for swimmers to celebrate the Great British Swim after more than five grueling months at sea. Places are limited and participants must be competent swimmers with experience swimming in open water.

The Great British Swim will have taken Ross 157 days to complete. Storm Callum, Storm Ali, hundreds of jellyfish stings and a disintegrating tongue caused by salt water could not stop his efforts and the adventurer will not have set foot on land once during that time.

Ross, 33, of Grantham, Lincs, spoke about maintaining focus in his latest vlog on the Red Bull YouTube channel. He said:

“It’s about finding normality in the abnormal. This isn’t a traditional sporting event. With a marathon, you can grit your teeth knowing you can get through it and you’ll be in your bed with a bubble bath at the end of it. I can’t do that! I’m constantly in the cold water or in my bed which is rocking side to side in the waves – but as long as you make peace with that fact, the Great British Swim becomes possible.”

The finish line in Margate also represents the first time Ross will have set foot on dry land in over five months. In order to get ready for the radical adjustment, Ross has been undertaking daily exercises to ensure his land legs are back in time for the beach.

Ross has broken a number of records since the Great British Swim began. In mid-August he broke the world record for the Longest Staged Sea Swim of 73 days, set by Benoît Lecomte who swam across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998.

Then in September, he became the first ever Britain to swim from Lands’ End to John O’Groats (900 miles) in just 62 days. However, when he lands back on Margate beach, he’ll officially become the first person in history to have swam around the entire coastline of mainland Great Britain.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ross has previously rope climbed the equivalent height (8,848m) of Mount Everest inside 24 hours, completed a triathlon with a tree strapped to his back, and completed a marathon whilst dragging a Mini Cooper.

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Content credit: Red Bull Media House