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Outdoor Fitness Magazine celebrates living a fitter life, all in the great outdoors

Each issue is packed with epic adventures, expert training advice and the latest gear reviews so you can be fully equipped for the fitness challenges that lie ahead. We also give tips on nutrition, training plans and injury recovery as well as the odd competition to win some excellent kit.

With 13 issues a year, we aim to give a glimpse into the most impressive outdoor adventures from around the globe, from regular Joes to extreme athletes looking to take things a step further.

With Outdoor Fitness, it’s not always about getting there in the quickest time and taking the gold with you. It’s about having the courage to give anything a go in a bid to stay fit and healthy.¬†As well as our great website – outdoorfitnessmag.com – bursting with tales from nature’s gym, you can also subscribe to our magazine to get a great price on your subscription and the convenience of receiving your issue directly to your door.